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At 22 years old, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. It is now with some overview of my entire life that I realized that I had this for years without knowing. I also decided that it wasn’t going to affect my life and that I wanted to realize my biggest dream: to be an entrepreneur. 

I have a passion for creation since I was young. All kind of creation; poetry, short stories, music, photography, and video ! After a couple years to be lost and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I understood one thing: I was born to be a creator. Content creator. My mission is to help entrepreneurs improve their background approach with clients by creating quality content for their needs like social medias and website. 

As I am also bilingual, I do the content creation in both french and english. 

Mental health: my cause

(FR PROJECT) As I mentioned before, I also have a mission to shut off the taboo around mental health and mental health issues, I frequently upload videos around that topic to deepen some mental illness, and to offer some solutions in the daily life of people who suffer from them. 

Comme mentionné, j’ai aussi pour mission d’éteindre le tabou autour de la santé mentale, et je publie fréquemment des vidéos à ce sujet pour démystifier certaines maladies mentales, mais aussi apporter des solutions pour le quotidien des gens qui souffrent de ces problèmes.

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